Simulation of three-dimensional transient pollutant dispersion in low wind conditions using the 3D-GILTT technique

Viliam Cardoso da Silveira, Daniela Buske, Régis Sperotto de Quadros


The aim of this work is to present a transient model in low wind conditions
to simulate the pollutants dispersion in the atmosphere. The dispersion model is based in the advection-diffusion equation and it considers the zonal and meridional components of the wind. The transient advection-diffusion equation is solved using integral transform techniques. In this work, the generalized integral transform and Laplace techniques are used, known in the literature as GILTT and which applied to the three-dimensional problem is called 3D-GILTT (Three-dimensional Generalized Integral Laplace Transform Technique). To validate the model, data from INEL experiment (Idaho National Engineering Laboratory) carried out in the USA were used. The model simulates the observed concentrations in a satisfactory way and can be used for regulatory air quality applications


Pollutant dispersion; Advection-diffusion equation; Mathematical modeling

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Direitos autorais 2020 Viliam Cardoso da Silveira, Daniela Buske, Régis Sperotto de Quadros

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